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In 2010, two young Puerto Ricans raised in New York City with hunger for triumph and both with innovative business vision in their blood, dreamed daily with the idea of investing all of their talent and knowledge in running their own restaurant.

Darwin Santiago gained vast experience as executive chef in one of the most renowned Italian restaurants in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. He shared his dreams and creations with his wife, a woman who trusted in his talents and who had a great vision for everything that his husband wished to undertake. She also encouraged passion for the idea of running a family business as her family did when she was raised.

They both received the opportunity to establish their first business in the city of Altamonte Spring, Florida in the year 2017. Modena Pizzeria will surprise you with a 28" family size pizza and the famous Gemelli Fraterni. Everything is made to share with family and good friends, all the while creating great moments in Modena Pizzeria.

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New York Style Pizzeria

con el toque Puertorriqueño

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We are a family owned and operated Ristorante & Pizzeria located on
Altamonte Springs FL 32714

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